BundleCTS: Data, access & simplicity in one solution. Beeson & Associates, Inc. BundleCTS program will organize all of your budgets, contracts and raw material usage in one place.

With our newly released web-based application, BUNDLECTS, you will greatly simplify your reporting process.

  • Secure data, accessible to buyers, risk officers, and upper management
  • Real-time Updates
  • Customized Reporting
  • Training of Employees on System Use

BUNDLECTSwill unify your purchasing team’s spreadsheets into one accurate and reliable application. And because it will be so easy to access data, the risk of coverage mistakes based on inaccurate information will be greatly reduced, potentially saving you millions.

Time is money. With BUNDLECTS, Beeson & Associates, Inc. will be able to help you save both. For more information on BUNDLECTS, please view the website.