Reporting, Support & Training

Reporting and Support: Take control of your information. Beeson & Associates, Inc. will help your business prevent information from falling through the cracks and eliminate oversights that compromise your risk management policies.

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. That means you can’t know where your risks actually lie until you improve reporting functions.

What do you own?
What do you need?
What will it cost?
What happens if the market changes?

Beeson & Associates, Inc. will help you answer these important questions. We’ll help you look at your financial controls, and show you how to synchronize reporting of coverage and market positions with market and budget forecasts. We’ll teach you to report program results—and if you’re using a margin account, we’ll also help with cash management issues.

To establish a plan for going forward, you must understand where you are now and how you got there. Beeson & Associates, Inc. will help you create a reporting system that adds transparency to your commodity portfolio.

The commodity markets and risk management processes can be challenging. Newcomers to the markets, seasoned traders and even senior managers can all benefit from the expertise and knowledge that Beeson & Associates, Inc. will provide. Let us get your people up to speed.

We offer customized solutions based on your unique circumstances, including:

  • Training new hires
  • Half-day refresher courses in the basics
  • Weeklong in-depth session for your purchasing department
  • 12 months of specialized training for a single senior manager

With our varied experience, we can train across a range of departments, from purchasing to sales to upper management. We’ll show you the basics of the commodity markets and walk you through the myriad risks. And we’ll show you how to follow your own agreed-upon best practices to manage those risk.

We offer training separate from our other services.

Given the complexity of tracking commodity positions, Beeson & Associates, Inc. has developed BUNDLECTS, a proprietary software for just that purpose. Finally, all of your information is in one place without having to maintain multiple Excel spreadsheets.

This product is available to our clients and sold under separate license.   To learn more about our reporting, support and training services can help improve your processes, contact us today.